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      Welcome MALTON

      You knew us as “Rosexpertiza”, then you trusted us as “RBC-Expertiza”, and we learned with gratitude from our senior business mates, well-known throughout the country. Now we have grown, have become even more competent and open, brought up a team of true professionals who are able and ready to come to aid, strong and independent.

      We have existed on the market of consulting services for 21 years. Each of the two decades was different from the previous one, it taught us new things. There were interesting, multitask triumphal years, there were difficult crisis years, when we developed new strategies, looked for the new solutions and never failed you. At last, we crossed the 20-year boundary and got to a point where we’d become stifled within the bounds of well-known brands. So now we are going to a long free floating.

      We are not sorry to say goodbye to former names, because they consistently brought us development, but we have grown into a big and already well-known team, which needs its own brand names, independent from third parties.

      Today we want to say words of gratitude to our partners, colleagues, customers for their work and support, to invite them to continue cooperation under our new name – MALTON.